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Tomi Turpeinen - Digitaalisen median tuottaja. Sisällöntuottaja, Web designer, Web developer Web Content, Web design, Web developing

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I produce text and images, both factual and fictional – a mix of both. I shape WordPress pages, templates, and themes as needed or create a quick launch page with content, illustrations, and a story. Present Moment Digital Guru Experience. This story is fictional, but the page is a good example of how to quickly create a representative page for a company.

How about creating a story together? A long-lasting one, one that hasn’t been heard of yet? A success story! Let’s use artificial intelligence to assist us. With Lottie, JavaScript, and CSS, we offer eye candy to visitors. We’ll optimize for search engines and reveal everything. Are you up for it?

Do you want a creative and experienced multi-talented person in your projects? You can find samples of my work throughout my career in my portfolio. There, I have collected various samples of my implementations. I hope what you see sparks questions and you get in touch. Let’s discuss and see if our paths align.


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